Thursday, March 13, 2014

Starting on Youtube Tips

This blog post is for anyone who wants to be a Youtuber or is starting out! 

"What items will I need to start gaming on Youtube?"

  • A decent microphone - You don't need a Blue Yeti HD mic, but using a laptop mic isn't really the best. I would recommend a Logitech Stand-Up microphone, I got my old one I used to use for $20 from Target. If you adjust the settings correctly, you'll be fine. 

  • A recording software - I use fraps, it is about $30-$40. Definitely worth the investment. I don't really know of others there are, Fraps is what a lot of LPers on Youtube use.

  • A computer - Something that isn't laggy, it doesn't need to be an Alienware gaming desktop, but I wouldn't use something that isn't met with TS3 standards personally. A dell desktop is what my sisters uses for video gaming and she is content with it.

  • Lastly, a fun personality! Be original - People can tell if you are copying someone's commentary or gameplay, people love originality! Be yourself, fun, and make sure to have a sense of humor. Be crazy and just have fun.

It may be a lot to think about, but if you really want to be enjoyable, I would recommend these things. As long as you have a fun personality, don't worry, the rest will lay itself out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let's Try This Again!

Take 3... of this blog! I finally am getting it up and running for the third time. This time to stay! It is now a custom domain blog, meaning all you have to do is type in "" and you're here. I really want to get into blogging more, I feel like I can me more open in my blogs and talk about more things. Expect anything to be written on this blog! I just wanted a place to get my thoughts out or really anything I want on here. It's still a work and progress, but I like how it looks at the moment! Tell me what you want me to write about on here, I am open to ideas. A bunch of random and fun stuff will be going on here, so stay tuned. In the Summer, I want to try to blog quite a bit for sure. During the school year and such, I am more busy, but will still have time to blog. You can browse over the tabs at the top of the page for more information about me, my FAQs, and how to contact me! Thanks for stopping by.
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